What you seek is seeking you

Whatever you are seeking will find its way to you today. If you’ve lost or misplaced something you will accidentally find it or you will have a flash of inspiration about where it might be. If it is answers you seek then look towards what is coming your way – maybe someone will come to you with an answer or you will find something said on the radio or TV suddenly making sense. Don’t question where the answer is coming from and don’t get distracted by the messenger, just take the message as it is for you and only you.

what you seek is seeking you

At the deeper level, the thing that we seek, our soul seeks is always our life purpose and this is an inner compass which leads us to our North. In this way our life purpose also seeks us. Our talents and skills, the things that we enjoy doing, our life experiences and the people we meet are all part of that seeking and that is how we are led unerringly towards our purpose. It may be that today that things will fall into place for you and you receive some insight into your life purpose. Life purpose is a nebulous thing and we are given directions to the path and some insights but it is impossible to know our life purpose in its fullest, it evolves and unfolds as we walk our path. Any glimpse into our purpose makes us feel soul satisfied and comes with no ambiguity, just surety. Blessed are you if you catch a glimpse today. 

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