Full Moon in Pisces

You may find yourself having contradictory things on your mind today. Love and money, spirituality and materialism. This is the nature of Pisces, of duality, of the yin and yang and because it is associated with the water element, emotions have a big part to play today.

The thing to remember is that these are not mutually exclusive. We can be spiritually inclined but we live in a material world – food has to be eaten and rent has to be paid. If you are having a moment where you are thinking how can I think about money when I’m talking about love – well, of course you can because you cannot live on love and fresh air.

Thinking of practical matters doesn’t take away from the depth of the feeling. You can be totally in love and yet think about whether your loved one can support you financially and you can be totally spiritual and yet charge for your services. The call today is to balance the two and be okay with living in this duality.

It is okay to be practical today!

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