Every now and then this message pops up as a reminder to be gentle with ourselves. True forgiveness starts with our own self. We are quick to forgive the other but often find it far to difficult to forgive ourselves.

Whatever it is that you are chastising yourself over, be it a small error or big mistake, the universe wants you to know that it is forgiven and it is forgotten because mistakes are seen as growing steps in the eyes of the universe. Sometimes you are just the messenger for someone else’s learning, sometimes your errors balance universal laws, sometimes they are just so you don’t make bigger ones later. Sometimes a mistake is a reminder to enjoy the imperfection of life, sometimes it is so that we don’t get too cocky, sometimes it is part of the divine plan and leads to something better. Sometimes it serves as a reminder to be kind to the other.

But start by being kind to yourself because you don’t know which one it is. Things happen and it is not for us to know the various strands they are connected to. Just trust the divine plan and forgive.

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