Build in breaks

There was an energy, a momentum, an opening up of doors for you and you would have responded to that by a desire to do, an urge to take action. And while you are in the zone you may still be pushing yourself to do more.

Listen to your inner being though and see if it is time to slow down, to take some down time. Nothing will be lost if you take a small break of a day or two. Instead you will gather your energy and be ready for the next lap. Also remember that you don’t need to run all the time, the combination of walking and running is as, if not more, effective, so is taking a rest in the middle.

It is the mind as well as the body that needs that rest so if you take the day off, don’t spend it thinking and planning, just do something that will take your mind off work.

Honour the breaks that your inner being needs. Have a lovely weekend!

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