02 2020

How interesting is February?! A 02 month in a 2020 year and 2nd Feb was what is called a Palindrome Day, a day where the date reads the same backwards and forwards. This makes me wonder what you were doing on the 2nd of Feb? Whatever it was, it is not a coincidence but divine synchronicity. Pay attention to what transpired that day and you will know the path to your destiny. It may not just be the one thing but a series of small and seemingly unrelated things that will connect later.

February and November will be important months this year. Feb especially will mirror what the year is and will be for you, and this is the month when really important steps will be taken. Not necessarily big steps but really important ones. The ones that will set the course for the next phase in your life.

In Feb, you may feel that you are standing on the brink, ahead is the vast horizon of the unknown and even as you stretch towards that new life, there is trepidation, because there is safety in the known. It is important to not disregard the fear and it is important to acknowledge that there is a part of you that is quite content with where you are. Life, of course, has other plans for you and there is a movement that has to be made at this point in time. Life is calling you for your tryst with destiny and it is entirely up to you how you answer that call. You can go willingly or you can go reluctantly or you can even choose to not answer the call now and instead wait for the next such wave that happens. We have free will and we always have a choice. Whatever you choose, do so with full awareness because every choice has consequences.

In the first half of the month, you may find that you are perceiving yourself differently. There may be some new insights that you get about yourself and you may realise that some opinions about yourself may not really be true. The process of change can sometimes be challenging and the inner process even more so. You again have the choice to either go down the self-flagellation route or just be grateful that you can see things clearly now and be an active participant in the internal growth. You don’t have to fake positivity but you don’t need to drown in the disappointment either. Some illusions you have held about yourself will shatter but this shattering is only for your betterment. It is so that you can see clearly and make necessary corrections.

Be aware of the timing, somewhere between to slow and too fast is the perfect time for you. Don’t wait around for things to happen but don’t be in a rush to make them happen either. Take the lay of the land and chart a course before you start heading out.

The latter half of the month to the end of the month will be a time when the wheel of fortune will turn in your favour. It is certainly not the end of the road but it definitely is a milestone and it really deserves a celebration. Look at how far you have come, taking small steps and give yourself a well-deserved pat in the back. The next month will bring its own challenges but this, what you have achieved, in one short month is amazing. See it for what it is and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.

Think of this month as a practice run for the year. What you learn here will serve you well going forward. You may adjust speed and distance depending on your experience this month.

Have an awesome February ❤

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