Something new this way comes

Following the heels of yesterday’s card is this one – why does that not surprise me! Well, it seems that it is time to get off the hamster’s wheel and try something new. If there is something in your life which is giving you the feeling of sameness or having done this before or been there before, then it is time to change.

It is always better to listen to this message and make the change instead of waiting for the universe to take it into its own hands. Not that it is always a hard push but if you are going the wrong way it can feel like it. If you are going the right way then it is just propelling you forward.

I’m wondering about the timing of this message as well because we head out to the Workshop tomorrow evening, and the Movement Forward workshop is exactly what this is about. It is about making shifts and movements in the right direction and letting go of barriers and patterns which have not allowed for these movements so far. Read more about the workshop here.

Today look at all the things that make you feel like a hamster in a wheel because awareness goes a long way in stepping in the right direction. Identify for yourself the one thing that is making you feel the repetition and sameness and take steps to change that. Whatever that things is for you, it’s time to try something new.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Hi… I really liked your post today… I have my birthday coming up and I am struggling with so many things least of all growing old, single, and getting stagnant… So thank you for this message…. Also, I tried accessing the link about the workshop but it’s not available… So I would like to know about it


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