The devil

The Devil resides in the ego. The devil takes great delight in bondage. The devil smiles when we are tempted. The more we move into the shadows the better it is for the devil. The devil is of course, within us, same as god. Who we feed and nourish within gets stronger.

Today’s message is not be lured into the shadows by the devil. The Ego is constantly speaking to us, telling us that we are not good enough or that others are better and so we cut ourselves away from people who make us feel this way. If we feel jealousy or anger towards someone, the ego says, ‘look, you’re not a good person’ and so we take refuge in the shadows.

We’ve all felt like hitting someone at some point or another, we have used words inside our heads that we would probably not be able to ever say out loud. We’ve all had the flare of jealousy when we see someone who has more or when something good happens to them – even when they are friends. It is natural to feel this way, everyone does. What is unnatural is denying that these feelings exist because when we bury them they make their way into the shadows where they fester and burn. Sometimes they come back up in a physical form like heartburn or even bile. Denying them doesn’t make them stop existing, instead makes them stronger because more effort is expended in keeping something at bay over time. Also, the only way to change something is to first acknowledge that it exists.

Don’t get distracted by the ego telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. Bondage is when you have all these lines around you that you are unwilling and unable to cross. The lines are supposed to be broad and flexible guidelines not cages to trap you. You can decide how to act but you cannot decide how to feel and you will be doing a great disservice to yourself if you don’t acknowledge how you feel. It may be uncomfortable for a few minutes and it always is when we look at something within that we don’t particularly like, but it shall pass and you will be in a much better place having defeated the devil.

Step into the light today <3.

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