Spend time with earthly concerns today. Make sure your body is nourished with the right kinds of food, do some grounding exercises if possible, like walking on the grass and be wise regarding your finances today.

Eat well, get some exercise, be and feel healthy, don’t overspend on frivolous things – all this only for today, tomorrow you have the donuts and go on a shopping spree if you want 😊. There is something in the choices you make today which may lead to not so nice consequences so be wary and wise while deciding the simplest and most mundane of things, like what to eat.

The Earth represents grounding and rooting, food and nourishment, and safety and protection. For any kind of movement forward we need all three. And it is time to move forward purposefully today or rather there will be an opening that the universe is creating for you today but you need to ensure that you are in a good place with all of these.

Think of your body as the roots of a tree, the stronger the roots, the higher the tree. The better nourished and safe your body feels, the higher you can go.

Have a lovely day 💕

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