Movement Forward Workshop

It seems incredible that 15 days into the new year so much seems to have changed. Things do seem to be looking up this year and to catch the energy and momentum of this new year, I’m delighted to announce the ‘Movement Forward’ workshop in sunny Goa.

The idea behind this workshop is to make small but powerful movements in the direction of our dreams and desires. To look and see what barriers are within that are preventing us from living the life we want and to make those energy shifts to open up possibilities for us.

We all have patterns in our lives that we keep repeating, be it relationships with people or our relationship with money or success. We long for connections with people but struggle with our connection to ourselves. We are taught to give but seldom know how to receive. Constellation work offers a way to free ourselves from limiting behaviours and patterns, to learn how to receive with abundance, to retain our own individuality yet be connected and take the necessary steps towards our dreams and desires.

The workshop will have group work as well as individual constellation sessions. You can read up on Constellation work here.

It is a two-day residential workshop at the tranquil Island House in Divar Island. The plan is to get there on the 31st evening and depart on the 2nd evening.

The total cost of the workshop will be 15k, for a two-night stay with meals and with a room all to yourself. If you reside in Goa and/or only want a one night stay, it will be 11k. We start early on the 1st, around 9 am.

Do let me know if you would like to be part of this workshop. I’m reachable at 8459303602 or at Looking forward to hearing from you. I would be grateful if you could also please forward this to anyone who may be interested.

Love, D

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