Is there something that you are punishing yourself for? Something you said you would do but then it wasn’t possible at that time. Maybe it is about not being there for someone, maybe it’s for a harsh word being spoken, maybe it’s for an obligation that you could not meet. It is one thing to feel bad momentarily and to let it go and quite another to cause yourself distress over it.

We punish ourselves by causing ourselves pain – when we ‘accidentally’ stub our toes or have a headache. Sometimes we punish ourselves by denying ourself enjoyment because we think we don’t deserve it. If this is what is happening then allow yourself to sit with what you think you did. Get in touch with your body and really ask yourself if the punishment is really necessary and if it fits the crime. Is not a simple apology enough? Does it really need more? Think about how it would be if someone hurt you – would you be okay with a heartfelt sorry or would you want to hurt them? I’m guessing it will be the former especially if it is someone you love. That someone you love is also you and there is no need to cause yourself distress. Sit in a quiet corner and just say sorry from the depth of your heart and then let it go.

Have a lovely Tuesday ❤️.

Published by Darpan

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