The Phoenix

It’s just the first week of Jan and already there’s been so much messaging about rebirth, clarity, life path and I’m wondering how this week has been for you? I would love to hear what insights you have received about yourself and of your part in the game.

The Phoenix embodies all the messages from the week. It is about rising from the ashes to reinvent yourself, it is about burning bright with clarity and it is a deeply creative symbol as well. And while we all talk about the Phoenix in its capacity to die and then rise up, there is an absence of talk about the ultimate sacrifice it makes – literally giving up its life to rise again.

There is pain in that sacrifice, there is loss and there is grief. I’m thinking about baby Groot and cute as he is, he came to be born because the older Groot sacrificed himself. There may be traces of the other Groot but after the rebirth, there is only the new Groot. This process of rebirthing ourselves is no doubt glorious and it is so that we can evolve to the next and best version of ourselves but it does come with a sacrifice of our old selves. Even as we look forward to the new, there is need to take the time and space to feel that mourning for our old selves.

It’s good to be excited about what is to come but it is also okay to acknowledge the feelings of loss. Both can coexist and both should because we are made up of all these disparate emotions and we have the capacity to feel them all at once. Take time today and over the weekend for a wee bit of introspection and connecting with yourself. Just connect with how you are feeling and simply acknowledge it.

Have an awesome weekend <3.

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