Aradia was a Goddess or Witch in ancient Tuscany, at a time when the lines between the two were blurred. The word sometimes refers to pagan witches who prayed to the goddess Diana. The word pagan is of importance to today’s reading. Pagan means followers or worshipers of a non-mainstream religion. Oftentimes Nature or Earth Worshipers were considered Pagan. The ask from the card is not to question which religious practice you follow but to question those beliefs that no longer serve you and then dig deeper into the genesis of those beliefs.


Our beliefs create our reality and if the something that we are capable of changing is our own beliefs. The card asks that you explore and observe others with a mind to expand your own belief system. Look at other cultures, ethnicities or just people who seem different from you. See them, observe them and question – their beliefs and your own. Maybe something will open up for you. Look at your past beliefs and also look at what has changed for you over time.

Broaden your viewpoint and it will broaden your horizon. You will find that life is a rich and colourful tapestry made of endless truths and viewpoints and is full of tantalizing flavours. Jump into this and savour and indulge yourself.

We inherit so many beliefs from our family, friends, community and culture and some of them serve us very well and yet there may be some that need a closer look. Those that no longer serve us and are a hindrance to our moving forward and experiencing life with joy. It is time to let go of beliefs that are limiting and adopt new ones that are supporting. One simple way to evaluate a belief is to figure out if it is fear-based or punishment-based, those are the ones to release at once. Another way is to figure if the belief is preventing you from living life the way you want to. There is no external guide for you, this is for you to decide, for you to figure out what is holding you back from the direction of your dreams and what do you need to do about it.

Aradia says look at nature and the earth (and even the animal kingdom). Take inspiration from these on how to live life to the fullest.

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