There is something about the turn of the year that brings with it a sense of fresh breath, a feeling of hope and an opening up of possibilities. The new year has its own energy and one can’t help but be swept into that sense of anticipation. For some reason the I have not been paying attention to the fact that 2020 is a rather significant number and that it is not only the turn of the year but also a new decade. I guess I was so involved with 2019 that it took all my attention – and I wonder how 2019 felt to you? It was an interesting year for sure, one of those that can’t be pinned down with an easy description. It feels like so much happened and yet it felt like nothing was happening, in parts it felt like it was breezing by and at other times it felt like it was endless. So, how was it for you?

2019 taught us all to keenly feel the space between what is and what is to be, we learnt to respect and value this gap, we understood patience and divine timing. 2019 also allowed us to introspect, rather made us introspect and again, to value the nature of introspection, to find that as we connect more and more within, our outer relationships deepen and strengthen. The Hanged Man does tend to make us look at things upside-down and inside-out and I am thinking that it really was the case because so many of my perspectives have changed (outwardly and towards myself) and I can see that change reflected in others as well. Here is last year’s reading in case you want to introspect some more about last year :).

Back to 2020. Numerologically 2020 is a rather significant year and probably a significant decade too as the number two gets repeated and repeated numbers always have a higher impact in our lives. There is a rhythm and flow in the repeating of numbers and at some level, we all recognise the magic of these repeating numbers. In numerology and in mysticism, the Number 22 is considered to be a master number (11, 22, 33 etc are considered master numbers and not shortened). In Tarot terms, there is no number twenty-two as the deck ends at twenty-one and it could be said that the number twenty-two simply means that we start all over again with The Fool (my favourite card in the deck, btw). Or, we just add and shorten it to get to a number below 21. So this year there are a lot of numbers at play, there is the 22, which is a master number, there is 2 which represents the High Priestess in Tarot, there is 4 (2+2), which represents the Emperor in Tarot and then there is the Fool (the year itself has two zero’s so that can’t be ignored either).

With all these numbers, I’m wondering if the first message for the year is to pay attention to the numbers in your life, especially the repeating ones. Our house number, the car number and even our phone number are usually connected to our life path or personality numbers and it may be a good idea to have a look at the connections between all the numbers and see what messages come to you. Also overall just pay attention to repeated numbers, each one has a significance and a different message. Here is the site that I feel has the best interpretations.

Coming back to the significant numbers for this year, the 22 is a highly spiritual number and it is connected to your life purpose. It will cause a realignment and shift within so that we reorient ourselves to the direction of our destiny. A realignment because life happens to all of us and we tend to meander away from our path. The meandering is also important though because there may be skills to learn or experiences that we need so that we can traverse on the road we are meant to. Nothing is lost in this meandering, only gained and now the universe is gently turning us back to where we need to be.

The High Priestess (2) is a woman who has come into her own with mastery over her own dual nature, she is highly intuitive and connected within and without. The Emperor (4) is a highly stable and solid figure who has mastery over the material and finances. The Fool (0) is a new-born babe who steps into the world with complete faith. The message from all these combined is that you are stepping into the year like a re-born, it is the beginning of the next part of your journey so there is a lot of newness and you will see the wonder of this next phase but you are not unprepared for it. You have mastered some life skills and learned many life lessons and you have that as a foundation for your next steps. It is with this strength and backing you are embarking on a new journey, you have enough with you that this can be a really enjoyable experience. There may be things along the way that you may need to deal with but you have all the resources to able to do it with ease. Trust the direction that life leads you to this year.

This year is the start of the journey and for some, the start happened a few weeks back. All the skills and experience that was picked up last year is now the foundation in which you are standing today. This is what will allow you to take the first few steps. This is just the beginning, this entire year will be just the beginning, so don’t be in any rush. These are just the first few steps in the right direction. A place where you will build your base and start operations.

There is newness and there is stability, there is unknowingness of what the future holds and there is a knowing that you are headed in the right direction, there are spiritual lessons to learn and there is an acceptance that having the material sorted is making spirituality easier. There is a stepping into duality yet seeing the connectedness and harmony in it.

The first part of the year is just an invitation to show up – to just come as you are. There is nothing to do but to see and listen and just be. There is no cause to action, no need to do. It is about stepping in and taking the lay of the land. The blinkers are off now and you will be able to see clearly. Just see where you are headed, what looks appealing, what are the possibilities that are opening up for you. Think about this time as a time for assimilation rather than a time for action. You will be aware of an opening up but don’t be ready to jump up and start running instead allow yourself to be gently drawn into the change.

There is new love energy in the first part of the year. This can mean a new relationship, a new friendship or a new passion. Follow your heart into wherever it wants to go. You may find a sudden interest in something that you were never interested in earlier – something creative, maybe a new hobby. It could also be a time for refreshing an existing relationship and experiencing a newness in love and the way that love is expressed around you.

In work or career, the beginning of the year may not be the best time for you. You may experience some turbulence in this area of your life. Remember though that this year will make you examine your life purpose so if your work is getting in the way of your life purpose then it is natural to expect rough weather here. The advice from the cards is to not take any action here but just tide over these months. Leave the action-taking to the universe and then respond accordingly (respond and not react). A balanced and temperate approach will be best at this time especially regarding work. If you are poised to enter into a new workplace or new business or project, don’t be disheartened if things don’t get into a flying start. This is the time to dip your toes in and to test the waters rather than try to jumpstart anything. Take a few baby steps and get a sense of what works for you and what doesn’t. There will be time enough to get to the big league.

The Middle of the year is the time for making things happen, of action, of doing. You will find yourself making contact and connections with people, maybe there will be an opportunity to connect with a larger body of people, like a workshop or a public forum. You will find yourself hard at work and thoroughly enjoying it. This is true of relationships as well as work. There will be a need to put in some extra effort and attention into steering things to where you want them. In relationships, if you feel that there could be more romance or more connection, don’t leave it to the other but make it happen yourself. Take the onus to bring in what you want into the relationship. It’s not so much talking about things but bringing in those aspects of yourself. Similarly for friendship, if you feel the absence of a friend then reach out and make yourself present, either in the same or new friendship.

At work, you may feel frustrated that there is all this talk about life purpose but nothing seems to be changing for you and you may be tempted to upchuck your job and walk away. Resist the temptation to that because it is possible that your life purpose has nothing to do with what earns you an income. If your purpose is to do with children or animals that need your help, then your job is an enabler for that life purpose. When you find that purpose, when it is clear, it soothes your soul and then the rest becomes easy. Now it may be that things don’t work out at all and you are forced to leave, in which case it is a clear direction from the universe.

Keep in mind that this entire year is about the beginning of something new. You are still becoming and there are glimpses of who you will finally become but it will take all of this year for this becoming. A year may feel like a long time but in this case, the transition will be smooth and safe, it will be subtle and effortless, and you will glide through it with clarity and purpose. Remember to not get distracted by what you had and who you were, keep your eyes pointed ahead and don’t look back too much. What was, was but it is no longer that and never will be again, even if you could go back in time. Better to look forward and not behind because looking behind is sure to trip you.

The last few months of the year will make things so much clearer to you. You will notice your beautiful new wings which are just about unfurling and everything will make sense to you. This is where you will get an idea and inkling to your life purpose. It need not be a straight as an arrow insight but a clear direction will emerge. This is when you begin to dance with the divine and match step with the rhythm of the universe. You will realise that suddenly you are in the right place, at the right time with the right people. The clocks will always be in synchronicity with you and you will just know.

Often when we start hearing this divine music we feel that we should do more, be more. We feel that we should be more Buddha-like and pursue the higher-callings. Don’t fall into that trap, there is no higher calling than your life purpose. If your purpose is to paint, for example, it doesn’t mean that it should be spiritual art, it doesn’t mean that you will find success and recognition as an artist, it doesn’t mean that you must be zen-like (you know about temperamental artists right!), it means nothing else but that when you paint your soul feels alive and soothed at the same time. That’s all there is to life purpose, nothing more than that. And when you find it and step into it, you dance in tune with the rhythm of the universe. That’s why lights become green and clocks synchronise. There is nothing more to do then, nothing more to be.

The Devil then tempts us by saying “Oh, you should be nicer, you could be better, look at Mother Teresa and look at you.. and so on”. Then, by trying to be someone that we are not, we start missing steps to the beat of the universe. Big or small, your purpose is your purpose and you need to own it and embrace it and live it and that is it! You don’t have to be a better person or a different person – the universe invites us to the divine dance exactly the way we are and it glories and revels in us, with all our warts and flaws. We all want to be better people but first, we have to learn to love all that we are and embrace every annoying part of us, only then can any shifts happen.

Engage with people around this time, if you feel unsure about where you are headed or stop and take a moment of stillness to listen to your body and you will find that reassurance within. There is inner and outer work still to be done because the year was about gaining this clarity and now the real work begins. Now you can take bigger steps and longer strides. Now the journey begins.

Have an absolutely divine 2020 ❤

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