Six of Swords.

When people talk about following their calling or walking their path, there is a knowing inside, a knowing that this is what they are meant to do. It is often said that if you are not sure that you are on the right path then it is likely that you are not because when it’s right you just know.

The other thing about following your calling is that it is not a smooth ride at all. If it was all sunshine and roses then most people would be doing it. When we make the choices that align with our higher calling it does mean that we need to make tough choices and go through many bumpy roads where our faith in that calling is tested. The faith that it is the right path gives us the strength to make those tough choices – no one ever said it was easy but that inner knowing makes it the only choice.

Life is about ups and downs no matter what path you choose. That is life – the highs and lows, the failure and success – it’s just that when you are in alignment you have the will to keep taking that step. Any expectation that it’s going to be easy should be managed right away. There is solace, there is joy and there is deep contentment and it feels like truth but it is tough and we are all tested. For some, they can’t possibly think about doing anything else, for others life doesn’t even give them the choice of doing anything else. If you feel directionless and planless right now then know that it is important to be in this space so that you can steer yourself in the right direction with a little help from the universe. It is better to not take a step than to take a step in the wrong direction.

The path has to be trodden by how you feel and not what you see. Use your inner compass which lights up when it feels right even when it doesn’t look right. I’m saying feels ‘right’ and not ‘good’ because sometimes it really doesn’t feel good yet it may feel right. This feeling not-so-good doesn’t in any way mean that progress is not being made, on the contrary, maximum progress gets made when you go through the no-so-good feelings and get to the other side. Tough times and tough situations are our biggest teachers.

Wherever you are heading is the right place for you. The journey may seem full of challenges and there may be sadness about leaving some things behind but trust that it is right and it is the next step that you must take. Trust your inner compass as you undertake this journey.

*This is the last reading for this year, I’m on chutti for the next 10 days or so, back in Jan with the Annual reading. Happy holidays and a Happy Happy 2020 and Thank you for walking with me so far <3.


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