Building Blocks.

Today’s message is about solidity and foundation setting and as we are poised to enter into a year that is stable and solid, I suspect this message will be repeated ever so often. A base or foundation is essential for any new growth and only with a solid base can we leapfrog into our manifestations. There is a call to reduce the drama and upheaval, avoid the temptation to get sucked into others and also to not create it for the sake of excitement. Sometimes boring is good because it helps us be in the present and put one brick on top of the other to create something solid for the future. Avoid the excitement today and look towards the solid and dependable.

building blocks colette baron reid

It is a good day to reflect on your life choices and to make practical and thoughtful decisions. It is also a good day to observe the cause of chaos and drama around you and to ask yourself what need that drama fulfils. If you are drawn to it against your will then that is giving away your personal power. If it is something you actively seek then maybe look within to see what is missing and fill that instead. This is about people and what purpose they serve in your life – is the purpose supportive or is it chaotic? Does it prop you up or leave you exhausted? To invite in something new, something old has to be shed.

Look to your finances today, as well and any property related matters. You may find new insights or solutions that were not available to you earlier. Once again, the safe approach will be better suited than an exciting but riskier one.

**This deck is Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

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