Message from the clouds.

You may experience some cloudiness today – some confusion of the mind or cloudiness in vision. You may have been clear about the path you have taken in the past but now you are feeling unsure about the decision you have taken. Cloudiness on occasion can be a good thing as it makes you stop and think, it makes you re-examine your choices and enables you to course-correct if necessary. As we learn and grow it is a good thing to make an informed decision basis what has been learned and what the situation is at this point in time.

message from clouds

The message from the cloud is to look to the horizon rather than what is in front of you. Look to the impact of your choices far ahead – what is important right now may have little value in the future. Make a long term decision. This may be related to family or relationships and a momentary annoyance can have far-reaching consequences. Think about the consequences of your action before committing to it.

The other meaning of the card is to look towards the clouds for answers to your questions, see the shape of the clouds and make sense of what you see. If for example, you see the shape of a Bear, then you know that it could be something to do with baring your heart to someone. If it’s a shape of a dog then the message could be about loyalty. If it’s a dinosaur it can mean that you are bringing up issues that should ideally be extinct. You can always google the meaning or you can just go with what that image means to you.

Look up rather than down today.

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