Make a commitment today.

You are being asked to make a commitment today. To yourself. To your own well being. To embracing your power. To living life to its full potential. To loving yourself. To putting yourself first. To chasing your dreams.

commitment, rumi deck, alana fairchild,

The Universe, in turn, makes its own commitment to you. To be at your side always. To help you along whenever you need it, to open pathways for you, to throw synchronicity at you, to always find the kindness of strangers and the support of friends, to always give you what you need not always what you think you want.

The universe promises to be there for you as much as you promise to be there for yourself.

You could write a little note of promises to yourself today. To make a commitment to yourself of the things that you want, the dreams you want to pursue, and maybe also of things you don’t want – like not taking any s*&t from people.

Enjoy the process today ❤


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