Inner conflict.

We have been conditioned from an early age to look at things as good or bad, as right or wrong. Not everything in life can be put in one of these boxes and as we experience the various shades of grey in life, this causes inner conflict.

inner conflict, wisdom of the golden path, tony carmine salerno

The World is a really different place and continues to be more and more different. What was acceptable even a few years back is no longer so. Our beliefs and values have taken so many twists and turns over the past decade. Isn’t it then time to look within and re-evaluate ourselves, to make a conscious decision about who we are and who we want to be.

When this internal processing is going on, the mind can be cluttered place and it can also manifest in external dissonance. A headache or migraine is a sign of this internal conflict.

This, however, is not a small inner challenge. The card is about a bigger issue that you may not be consciously aware of. It boils down to something fundamental, something that probably is so ingrained in you that you are unable to see the conflict. One way to figure it out is to observe what has happened in the past 24 hrs or so, and see if there is something that stands out for you. Yesterday’s message was about the heart so maybe it could be something related to love. Self-love comes to mind for me. We have been brought up with Spiritual stories of self-sacrifice, of giving without the expectation of receiving, of putting the other first and not thinking too much about the self. All this changes with the simple line “you cannot pour from an empty cup”.

Haatitime put up this wonderful bit on spiritual bypassing and coincidently this has been on my mind too.

We are a spiritually inclined nation especially compared to the west which is much more material. We have the wisdom of the sages passed on to us so we understand the importance of the higher chakras, of higher thinking, higher living, higher being and we carry a sense of guilt and shame regarding the material world. But how do you get to the higher chakras when your lower chakras are not in a good place? The world has changed and maybe we are working with incomplete knowledge.

The card is asking you to introspect on what divides you inside. What is this big right or wrong, that you are grappling with? Can you suspend the hostilities within and drop the judgement of good or bad? Can you decide that you are only human and not the Buddha? Can you be okay with all sides of you – the good side and the bad side?

Enjoy your day of introspection and of healing the inner conflict ❤

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