Open your heart.

Today’s message is to keep open your heart no matter what the situation. You could start the day with a heart-opening exercise, it could be just breathing deeply from your chest and feeling or visualising your heart expanding, it could be just physically opening your arms wide and/or just eating an apple today.

open your heart, heart healing, women's wisdom oracle card deck

If you find yourself in a situation which is upsetting for you remember to get in touch with your heart and to breathe it open. This doesn’t mean that you don’t stand up for yourself or be meek or mild in any way. All it means is whatever you do – do it with an open heart and it will be fine for you.

The purpose of the heart is to be soft and cushiony. It is a vulnerable part of us but it has a great capacity to bounce back because it is soft and cushiony. Our hearts go through many disappointments, through much grief and we mistakenly start hardening our hearts so that we don’t feel so much. A hard surface has more capacity to break and splinter though than a soft cushion – if not from the outside, then the inside. The capacity to feel and to feel deeply is one of the greatest gifts given to us. When we close ourselves up we do a disfavour to ourself. The purpose of the heart is to go through the heartache and yet remain soft and open.

Whatever you are going through or if a reminder of an old heartbreak pops up today, remind yourself what the purpose of the heart is. Keep it open, keep it soft, it’s okay for you to be vulnerable because there is immense strength in that.

Also, remember to open your heart to yourself today.

Much love.

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