Your field of dreams.

“Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field I will meet you there. It’s the world full of things to talk about.” ~ Rumi

your field of dreams, toni carmine salerno, wisdom of the golden path

I love this quote by Rumi and I’m taking a little licence here and modifying it to “beyond the idea of right and wrong, there is a field”. Our field of dreams is that heart’s desire that has no reason or justification. It’s just that – our hearts desire.

We tend to ignore it because sometimes we think that it may not be possible and sometimes we get caught up in the right and wrong of it.

Today’s message is to not ignore your field of dreams. It may be possible or it may not be, just don’t be the judge of that because however fantastical it might be, there is a very real emotion behind it and the universe responds to that energy, that emotion and gives you what you need, even if it is not that particular fantasy. If we discard or subdue that fantasy then we have lost out the energy and emotion as well.

A flight of fantasy is just our creativity in the form of thoughts and this imagination can take you anywhere. Creative imagination feeds our mind, body and soul. Keep it nurtured and visit it often, you never know what will come out of it. Without it, we would never have had Harry Potter.

Nurture your field of dreams today ❤

*Today’s deck is Wisdom of the Golden Path by Toni Carmine Salerno

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