The flow of partnership.

The message today is to be aware of the ebb and flow of partnerships. This could mean a romantic relationship or a business partner or a relationship with a friend. If you have noticed a newness or change in one of them, perhaps pay more attention to it.

the flow of partnership, soulful woman card deck

Where there is flow there will be ebb at some point or another. To expect that everything will always be rosy and happy is an unrealistic expectation. Oftentimes, at the first hint of trouble, we set about trying to fix things and make them right without really giving ourselves to really feel what we are experiencing. This card is a reminder that both, the ebb and the flow, are natural and that they both are essential for any movement forward. It can be that the flow is too much when you near a curve and without the ebb, you may be flung away from your course. It could also be a change in direction that is required and here too the ebb is essential.

The message today is to observe, to witness the ebb and flow of relationships without reacting to it. And to understand that this is a natural process and can only help you grow. If you find that a relationship itself is fading then don’t try to hold on to it, let it flow out if it must because if it flows back it will be stronger and if it flows away, then something else is waiting to flow in. Alternately, if your existing relationship is going through an ebb and you are wondering if you should leave or how to fix it, just wait and witness the flow and see which direction it is leading you. Many a time we just need to hear that what we are going through is natural and normal. All relationships go through disharmony, it cannot all be sunshine and roses because even roses need the rain to grow and they come along with thorns.

Manage your expectations today. Take a step back in case of disharmony and observe the flow of partnership.

*This deck is the Soulful Woman guidance deck by Gemma Summers

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