Angel of time & space.

Today’s message is to be aware of the passage of time and to be conscious of the space within time. Time and space are as abstract concepts as they can get. There are times when five minutes feels like an eternity and a year passes in the blink of an eye.

Remph angel of time meaning

The universe is letting you know that there is a passing of time that you seem to be unaware of. It may seem to you like only a small period of time has passed but in fact, enough time has passed and it is time now. In practical terms, if you joined a job or relationship recently and it feels like a mistake but you don’t want to leave it because you feel that you haven’t given it enough time, know that the time you were meant to give this job or relationship was only this much, it is enough time and it is time to move on to other things. Don’t let others determine what the right time is because what feels like an eternity to may only feel like five minutes to them and vice versa.

The other message is about the space in-between time, time as measured by the gifts that time brings. There can be too much space between happenings in your life or there could be too little. You need to gauge for yourself which end of the spectrum you fall in. If it’s too much space then figure how you want to utilize that space, is it introspection or self-work, is it travel or family visits – plan what You want to do with this time versus letting time decide (time has no concept of time and can sometimes fall asleep or get distracted :)). If there is too little time, assess your boundaries because not having boundaries with others reflects your boundaries with time.

Just turn your attention to time & space today and see what gifts of awareness come your way.

Have a lovely day ❤

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