November 2019

The month of November comes with a promise of power and potential, November invites you to take your place in the Sun. The Sun card represents success and all the shiny stuff that comes with it, the Sun is warmth and radiance, it’s the light that makes things grow, it’s the bright side of life. The promise is of sunshine in your life, of things growing, of you basking in the sun, of you radiating positivity, you shining bright. If things have been lacklustre for a while, worry not because they will take a turn for the better in November. If you have not been feeling so bight and happy, you will find that your mood is turning brighter and you will find yourself more optimistic than before.

november 2019 tarot reading, the sun, the chariot

The thing to watch out for is to not dwell so much in the past and especially not on things that didn’t work out for you. The Five of Cups in this reading is a warning that you may need to fight the tendency to dim your light and the light around you by not letting the past stay in the past. The Five is a card of regret and even self-pity, it is us shouting why me? to the universe. Sometimes there are answers to the why me? question and sometimes there are none. Some answers unfold as we move along life and we connect the dots to realise how some twists and obstacles in the path lead us to a much better place. Some of these can take till the end of our lives to figure out so there are no answers, yet.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty and carrying regret to the present serves no one, least of all you. Old wounds and bitter memories may knock on your door and you may want to entertain them for a while for a better understanding of yourself and the situation but just make sure you don’t invite them in to stay. Reflect and learn and then let it go.

A forgiveness or gratitude exercise will serve you if the past comes knocking this month – and isn’t it fabulous that we are doing the gratitude do-along this month!!

The Sun is here to tell you that there are endless possibilities that open up when one shuts and to be open to the brighter side of life as it makes its way towards you.

The Sun is the ultimate powerhouse and the message from the Sun is to connect to your power. Power which is intrinsic to you, not external power which can be fear-based or/and ego-based. Power has many expressions – it could be inner strength or resilience or the power to express yourself authentically and to stand your ground, you may have the power of positivity or you may be that person who brings joy into a room (and that’s a super-power!). Connect and tap into whatever your power is and let it shine brightly. If like many of us, you are afraid of your power then you could try figuring out what about it frightens you and maybe it is time to see a different expression of power.

Having the Sun card in the reading doesn’t mean that you get to rest on your laurels because the Chariot has made an appearance in this reading as well. The Sun is making things pleasant for you and opening up possibilities, whether to pursue them and how to pursue them is entirely up to you.

The Chariot is the card for miles to go. The card suggests that you are on the right track and you have the fortitude to make things happen. This is the card for action and adventure and it is also the card for challenges because the warrior loves challenges. The presence of the card means that even though there will be challenges, they shall be overcome by the strength of your will and courage (the Sun is already lending you power and positivity so this should really work out). Both cards promise success, the chariot just wants to ensure that you put in the effort before the reward.

november 2019 tarot reading, ace of cups, the moon

The First week of November will be good for your heart. There is a lightness, a newness, a freshness in the air with the turn of the year (after Diwali) and with the weather change as well. You may find yourself feeling light-hearted and carefree and very open to a new connection. It could be a romantic relationship or a friendship or even a new work relationship or it could be a new feeling or new level in an existing relationship. You will find a shift in how you receive others into your space and you may find yourself more generous than usual. All are good things for you so let yourself be this way for a while.

The Second week may cause you some sleepless nights – the full Moon happens on 12th I believe, and that always brings insomnia with it. This could be the time that the past will come to haunt you and even when we valiantly fight the lure during the day, sometimes the nights can be difficult. My suggestion would be to deal with your demons during the day so you can sleep better at night. Remember to not reject the past but to make peace with it. An avoidance or rejection usually doesn’t work whereas acceptance and agreement will take the bite out of any situation.

The Moon also guides you to listen to your intuition and to not be taken in by illusion. There may be some things that you don’t know fully, maybe some things need more light shed on them. Do some researching before you take any major decisions and try and see both sides of the situation if you are called to mediate.

november 2019 tarot reading, ace of pentacles, three of wands

The Third week may involve some travel so if you are planning a road trip this is the perfect time for it. One of the best things about travel is that it broadens your horizons. If you are not physically travelling, you may want to do something to expand your mind where you stand. Join a course maybe or maybe even apply for a new job/role. Something that will open up your world. The invitation here is to step beyond your comfort zone and explore new ideas, new thoughts, new places, new opportunities. It’s time to step into your new potential.

The last week of November is another opening-up for you. It could mean a new career opportunity or something new related to work. It could mean a bonus coming though or just a gift that is significant. The Ace of pentacles could also mean a shift to a new house or something new related to property or investment. Whatever blessing comes your way, you will feel full and abundant, enjoy that feeling and take in all of it because you totally deserve it all.

To sum up, November brings with it the gift of possibilities and the blessing of success. The cards encourage you to maximise the opportunity that is coming your way and not be distracted by past failures. There is hard work to be done now and it deserves all your focus and attention because the rewards will be worth it.

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