Sacred Mountain.

You may have been through the wringer not so long back. Maybe life has thrown you a few knocks. Maybe the going has been tough but you have emerged, maybe not with all your skin unscathed, maybe a little battered, but you have made it this far. That is what the sacred mountain is telling you, that this is the measure of your mettle, the measure of your strength and of your resilience.

sacred mountain oracle card meaning

Heros and warriors don’t always win every fight but their mettle is in getting up, even battered and worn. It matters not if you win or even feel like you’ve won. What matters is that you don’t stay down, even if it takes years for you to get up again.

Going by yesterday’s post about rebirthing, maybe you’ve been in a different place for a while now and it is good to take a while to find your feet but you have what it takes to come back to your feet in a new avatar. The strength and resilience of the mountain is behind you.
If you feel you want to tap into that support you could place a picture of a Mountain behind your chair or behind the headrest of your bed. Don’t make it your wallpaper or screensaver though because that would represent the mountains you must climb.

Have a great weekend ❤

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