New Moon in Sagittarius.

Whatever is coming your way, it looks set to put a smile on your face. The new Moon in Sagittarius can mark the restart of fun after a low period. The Sagittarius moon comes with the energy of adventure and excitement and you will find yourself reaching out to bright clothes and may even find a skip in your step.

Luck and serendipity are on your side and you will feel like taking a few risks because you just feel so positive. If you are doing the Diwali patta party rounds, today will be a happy day for you as the Goddess of Luck will be on your shoulder. Be careful to not get too carried away though coz the wheel of fortune is always turning.

Also, be cognizant of others around you because if you are winning, then there is always someone who is not. A hint of empathy and compassion when you are running high with your own success is a beautiful trait to adopt and it will serve you well when the wheel turns.

Patta parties aside, this is a good time to explore the vast unknown. Maybe travel or a trip is in the cards for you. Even if you are going to the same place, there is always discovery in looking at the same thing with different eyes. Maybe the trip can be metaphorical as well (not talking about weed here :D) and you could undertake a journey of rediscovery of the self?! Maybe explore the spontaneous, adventurous side of yourself and give some weight to this side of you. A great adventure is not the same for everyone – it could be chasing the Northern lights or it could be leaving the sanctuary of your own home to go out and meet some new people.

When conditions are in your favour, it is an excellent time to start a gratitude exercise – one, to acknowledge the good fortune and second, to keep it coming.

I’ve been playing with two concepts in my mind, the first is a 21-day gratitude exercise and the second is a ‘rediscovery of self’ exercise. Both have come up in this post and I’m thinking it’s time to act. I wonder if anyone would be interested in a do-along with me? I’ve been struggling with my gratitude journal for a while now and I miss the fullness of being that I feel while doing gratitude. For the other, I’ve been feeling the past year has fundamentally changed me – I miss parts of the old me but they don’t all fit with the current me and I’m keen to have a glimpse of the newly emerging me, and to help myself along.

If you are keen for a do-along let me know. Also, let me know if you have a preference of one over the other. We’ll probably start after Diwali (you know, patta parties!!). This will entail emails with the exercises being sent by me, the work is all yours. This is a free offering but if you feel like giving then do pay it forward.

Much love and have a lucky week!


  1. New moon in my sign – def a new phase of happiness for me and ending of pain!! I’m sure of it. I’m in 100 percent for the do – along as always. Lots of my friends too. Thank you. See you soon.


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