Shaman of Stars

The Shaman of Stars is the image of a person reaching for the stars. The stars have long been a navigational tool for those who travel at night. Our ancestors used these patterns of the heavens to guide them where they wanted to go.

shaman of stars

There is something in this message that is asking you to look up rather than down. Don’t look at your feet or the road ahead, your feet may seem small and the road ahead may feel full of obstacles, instead look up to the stars and navigate through your dreams and intuition and destination.

If there is something that you want to do and the conditions don’t seem right, look at the higher purpose for what you want. If it is what the heart wants then there is no better purpose.

The Shaman of Stars is also a blessing from our ancestors to follow our true North. It is a blessing and guidance. If you feel unsure, you may want to seek advice from someone you look up to – anything that makes you look up not down. Listening to your intuition, advice from Mentors, an astrological reading, any or all of these will help you navigate your path and purpose.

It may be that there are directional changes you need to make. Don’t be disheartened though, where you have come to is not a mistake. There was no time wasted because you had to come to this juncture in your life to make this turn. It would not have been possible otherwise.

Look to the stars today ❤

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2 thoughts on “Shaman of Stars

  1. So apt, just yesterday i was told to look ahead and up(ascended masters et all), thanks for the beautiful reminder. Have always loved the stars, may they help me find what i seek


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