Soldiers march to the beating of the drum, we dance to drumbeats and Shiva himself has the damroo, to which he dances the cosmic dance. When the drum appears it is an invitation from the universe to step forward and go forth in the direction of your dreams. When we step into the path that is meant for us, our heart beats in tandem with the drumbeats of the universe and great manifestation is possible.

drum spiritual meaning

If there is an opportunity that comes your way today, be sure to say yes to it. Even if the offer is to go on holiday, say yes to it. Today is an important day so just go with the flow today.

Today is an invitation to join the cosmic dance so, if you have the chance to join a drum circle, or join a chanting group or simply go dancing, just do it.

Step lively today ❤


  1. Wow. Just a minute before I read today’s message I saw the drum i bought for my daughter and here it was in your reading!!


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