The masculine.

I was rather taken aback when I pulled out this card and somewhat perplexed at what this card meant. I have to say that this must definitely be a message for me because my initial reaction was not exactly a welcoming one, although I have been working on more inclusion from the men in my life for a while now. And while I’ve been working on the various feminine aspects of myself, especially the wild woman, I wonder if, in some way, the masculine has not been given enough attention.

the masculine, good men and fathers, lucy cavendish

While there is the yin and yang aspect within all of this, this feels more of an external, masculine influence. The questions that arise are – what is your relationship with men and the masculine? How do you receive the masculine? How do you feel about men in general?

We know our mothers from the womb and our fathers are the first person we meet. Our father is the first connection to Earth and all that is material. And more often than not, it defines our relationship with men in general and the masculine spouse in particular. This is not about blame or judgement on how our fathers actually are but more about how we receive them. When my sister was born, my father was away fighting the war and that can have consequences on how she receives the masculine. It doesn’t mean that my father is to blame for being unavailable then. Things are the way they are and the healing process is about seeing them clearly and working towards resolution rather than assigning blame. The message at this point is to just see and observe and maybe introspect on what your relationship with the masculine is like.

The other thing to do today is to celebrate the masculine. Maybe reach out to your father, or friend or significant other and really receive them. See them in their entirety and not just parts of them. Maybe look beyond the stereotypes of men and really see them for what they are.

Have a lovely day <3.

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