Have you noticed when someone comes and whispers the word secret to us, we find ourselves curious and drawn to find out what that secret is? Sometimes we feel the urge to go tell our secrets to others because we simply can’t keep them in (my sister would get a stomach ache when we were young because she couldn’t hold in anything!) Some of us are good at keeping secrets – our own and others as well and some of us believe in living a life with none so we spill them out heedlessly.

secrets oracle of mystical moments

There is a sacred place though within us where our deepest truth resides. A place which is as mysterious to us as it would be to others. It is up to us how much of that truth we want to share. We have the power and the right to decide when and what and with whom we want to share how much of ourselves. Living a life of truth doesn’t mean that we need to share all our mysteries with everyone. Sometimes a little mystery keeps the magic alive.

If you are in a place where you feel obliged to tell a secret – yours or the others – restrain yourself because speaking it out will be detrimental to all concerned. For the other, a secret is told in confidence and even though you may think it is too much of a burden to bear, remember that it is, in fact, not your burden, and all the thoughts and emotions that come along with it are not yours to bear. You can choose to tuck it away into a box, not within, but somewhere far away like Timbuktoo. Try that and it may work.

If the secret is yours and you feel an obligation to speak it out in the spirit of honesty then remind yourself that your secrets are your own and a lie is very different from a secret. Keep some mystery with yourself, keep some thoughts and ideas with yourself, keep some secrets with yourself.

If someone comes to you bearing a secret, remember that you have the choice whether to listen to it or not. You can always say no but if you say yes then you need to keep it.

Much love.

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