Spirit of Challenge.

Today’s message is about challenging times and the spirit of challenge. Challenging times can mean external adversity in the form of loss of a job or the business not going well, it could be health issues or a difficult relationship or an ending one, or it could be an internal struggle, something that is making you question some core beliefs and values.

spirit of challenge, shaman's oracle, daily tarot reading

Maybe the challenge is just about expectations. Maybe you are not where you wanted to be or thought you would be, or maybe others have gone ahead and that’s making you question yourself and the choices you have made. The oracle wants you to know that it is okay that you are not where you wanted to be yet. It’s okay to take your time and enjoy the process of becoming instead of putting pressure on yourself to get there faster. There is no better or faster route for where you are going. Don’t rush to get somewhere and don’t try and rush through your challenging time – this too is a process and there is much to be gained by keeping yourself present and aware of the process itself.

A big part is about acknowledging that there is a challenge, an obstacle or adversity that you are facing. Big or small, doesn’t matter. How it is in comparison to others is also irrelevant, it may seem that your problems are smaller than others but know that they are equally or more important. It is not just a matter of letting it pass but about seeing clearly the hidden meaning for you. This is about learning an important lesson – even if the lesson is how to deal with adversity.

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