The cages of the mind.

There is nothing as disheartening as seeing a caged animal. Even the times when the animal has to be caged for his own good – like when they are recuperating – even then it is heartbreaking. It is so mystifying then, to see ourselves in the cages of our own minds. We create these cages around our minds to keep us from taking risks that might expose us to rejection, embarrassment or failure. We forget that the experience we had with these was temporary, instead, we make it permanent with this mind-cage. The strange thing about this entrapment is that we don’t even consider ourselves trapped. I’m an introvert, we say, or that I’m not a good public speaker or I’m not creative enough. All these are our own trappings and the world outside responds to that self-image and agrees with us.

free spirit alana fairchild, cages of the mind

The thing is that there very few people who are extreme introverts or extroverts, most of us lie in the middle somewhere, maybe with a slight leaning towards one or the other. In the right circumstances, a so-called introvert will put an extrovert to shame. We are all spontaneous and confident and outgoing when we feel safe, when are circumstances and situation is safe, when we are surrounded with people who make us feel that way, because it is easier to take the leap when there is a safety net.

But for some reason, we cage ourselves in our minds, instead of surrounding ourselves with the feeling of safety – safe places, people and situations. Inside us is a free-spirit who needs to come out and express herself, to go after what she wants, to try new things and be spontaneous and make art and make love without inhibitions. She is caged though because we don’t want to make a mistake or misstep in any way. We think that failure is the opposite to success whereas it is the path to success. We think that we should withdraw when what we should be doing is forge ahead. We try to control our fears when we should be unleashing them so that they can heal.

Control and doubt will hold your spirit in chains when, really, if you let her fly free, she’ll show you an amazing world and an amazing you. It’s time to surrender control and open the cage to let your free-spirited self come out <3.

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