Dance of lovers.

This is one of my favourite cards in the Rumi deck. I have loved the art and imagery of Rassouli for a while now but this one just takes my breath away. He apparently paints with rags and his hands!

Rumi says ‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’

Love is all around us all the time but often we cannot see and perceive it. Sometimes we are looking elsewhere, sometimes we mistake it for something else, sometimes we find it difficult to receive it, sometimes we feel unworthy of it so we let it go. Sometimes we mistake romance and chivalry for love because we have an image of what love must look like. We have all been hurt by love in the past and we are afraid of that hurt so we build walls around ourselves. What are your hurts? What don’t you trust? Where and when do the walls come up? These are questions only you can answer and only you can lower those barriers.

All lovers have a dance that is unique only to them. What is your dance with your beloved? Not the romance or sex but those synchronised movements that are so natural and complementary to each other. Not the expectations and demands but the things that flow naturally, so naturally that they may be under the radar and you don’t perceive them. The card wants you to see this dance that you do for yourself. When you see this dance your heart will be so filled with joy that there will be no need for hearts and flowers and the recognition of love will flow through you.

If there is no “beloved” then love itself is the beloved and you can observe the dance in that way. When do you move forward and when do you step back? What makes you miss a step?

Feel the love today <3.


  1. Loved the card today and it’s so meaningful. The answers are within us and we keep seeking them outwards. Hope one day I can reach me….


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