Trust and surrender.

Today is the day to take that leap of faith. Take the leap not just trusting that there will be someone to catch you but also having the faith that even if you hit rock bottom, it is the right thing for you.

We do take these leaps of faith more often than we think we do. We say hello to strangers who become friends and more. We sign contracts without reading the fine print. We follow our hearts when we cannot see the path ahead of us. And at times it comes back to bite us in the ass, and that’s when we start doubting this whole leaping thing.

Surrender is when things don’t look like they are working out, in fact you are in a place where you can see that they haven’t worked out clearly, yet you know deep down that it is part of the grand plan of the universe and you just need to tide it over because it will all work out in the end (because if it’s not worked out, it’s not the end!).

Sometimes it’s not something big but somethings that just don’t change despite you working on them over and over again. This is the time when, even when you think you’ve surrendered, surrender some more.

A couple of affirmations have helped me when I have been frustrated with certain things just not changing for me. The first may be a little challenging but as you say it, it will make sense to you and become easier. Try “I surrender to the will of the universe” or simply “I surrender”

An affirmation typically needs to be done 21 times a day for 21 days. Just takes a few minutes though.

Try the surrendering today ❤️.

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