Mother fierce.

There are times when things really work out for you – maybe you are aligned with your purpose and so they did, maybe you’ve been doing some self-work and so things really opened up for you, maybe you had help in the form of some earth angels and that can be such a blessing. And even as you are feeling happy and content there may be some people around you who may not be able to share that happiness with you.

Mother fierce (looks and feels like Durga right?!) is here to let you know that she is keeping you safe and protected from these lower vibrational energies around you and to shine away and enjoy all the good stuff that is happening.

It is good to be compassionate towards people who cannot share in your joy but never at the expense of yourself. You don’t ever need to dim your light to make anyone else comfortable. That way only leads to darkness. If you shine then maybe the other will be inspired to shine as well and if they don’t, that really has nothing to do with you.

It may be that you were huddling together in the shadows for a while and the person is feeling bereft now, and it’s okay to comfort the person and to feel compassion but if you find yourself being drawn back into the shadows then you know it’s time to leave.

Sometimes leaving is the greater good for all concerned even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. You may find that you feel guilty and there is a loyalty that you feel for the one left behind but that really won’t serve either you or them. Put yourself first, put your happiness first and the rest will work out. Self sacrifice only leads to broken ends.

This is the message from the goddess who is with you today and all this week. You know her signs – the colour orange, the tiger, and a big Bindu – so keep a look out for her hello to you.

Much love.

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