Wishing well.

It all starts with a desire, a wish for something, and this the most important impulse for creating something new.

It is the aha moment when that desire aligns with your purpose and the universe sets things in motion. When suddenly things work out and path becomes clear to you.

When you look at that someone and you just know that’s the one for you. When you look at a house and know it’s the one. But it all starts with a desire.

The wishing well is here to let you know that your desire has been seen and noted. That the universe is conspiring to make it happen for you. There are forces at play that are far bigger than you and me. And best thing to do right now is to make a wish and drop that coin in the Wishing Well and leave it to the universe to work its magic. And trust that what emerges will be the best thing for you even if it takes a form that is different from what you expected.

Have an awesome day.

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