Hope is the kindling that keeps our inner fire burning even when times are tough and when things don’t go as we expect them to. Hope is what keeps us motivated even when things look bleak. Hope is what inspires us to keep going forward, even if it means slow moving. As long as there is hope there is a possibility.

Today’s message is to keep that hope alive. Even when the going gets tough. Even when you can’t see the way forward. Even when it feels impossible. It’s not over till it’s over and even then, it may still be rekindled.

Take a deep breath and connect with that hope inside you. It may be for something big or something small, something that feels like it’s too-little or something that feels too much, something that seems to be taking too much time or something that happened too soon. Have a conversation with yourself, if you desire and find that hopeful part of you and add some kindling to that flame.

Have faith, you can do it, it will happen, things will change – all the messages for this month, you just need to add a touch of faith and a dash of hope.

Have a hopeful day <3.

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