Such a lovely message to follow yesterday’s card. Let go the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love. You may find yourself looking at people and things differently today. The same action and the same words can have a totally different meaning depending on which perspective it is seen with.

the universe has your back, gabrielle bernstein

We all change as we grow and as time passes. We learn from our mistakes and we all try to be better people than we were yesterday. There are things we have done in the past that we all regret and wish we could do them over. Keep this in mind for the person who may have hurt you in the past. Maybe the person is giving a tentative knock on your door and it is up to you to open the door or not. Choose to open the door with an open heart and open mind. Give the person a chance and see and hear the person out.

This change in perspective is not for the other but for yourself. Today’s message is to see beyond the obvious and to not be wedded to your past perspectives.

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