Reading for September.

What is the energy of the month?

The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder to us that the wheel is always turning and even as it constantly moves forward, it also goes up and down. The two are inextricably linked – in order to move forward, it has to go up and down and that turn inevitably results in the movement forward. This month the wheel will be in play in your life and you will be subject to its cycle of change in no small way.

september 2019 reading for the month, wheel of fortune

See for yourself where you start the cycle. If you have ended the last month in a difficult note then the start of this one will be a welcome relief. Don’t get too attached to that state though because the wheel will turn soon enough. The Wheel is a wonderful reminder when we are in times of strife and stress, that this too shall pass and that tough times come with their own gifts and blessings. The Wheel also tells us to be present fully and to celebrate the good times as they happen. Don’t postpone the celebration for an even better time, do it now.

The Wheel of Fortune is also the Wheel of Karma – what goes around, comes around – so be aware of the energy you are sending out into the universe because it is going to come back to you one way or another. The thing to be aware of about Karma and how it relates to the Wheel of Fortune is that finally at the end of your life you need zero karma. If someone owes you, you need to be around to collect it. It’s not so much about paying it back but about paying it forward. You can give all you want but make sure you receive what is coming your way as well.

September promises to be a month of ups and downs, of things coming full circle, and chance will be playing an important role in your sphere this month. It is a reminder of the transient nature of all things and to not hold on to things too tightly but rather to go with the flow of change.

What is the learning this month?

We take a lot of things for granted and sometimes we have an appreciation of things only when they are gone. The learning this month is to be grateful for what you have, to turn your attention to all that you have rather than focus on what you don’t have. There is a different energy that we send out to the universe when we operate from a place of abundance and with the Wheel of Karma really active this month, that abundance will come back manifold. When we operate from a place of lack and strife that’s what comes back to us. As the saying goes ‘I lamented the fact that I had no shoes, till I met a man who had no feet’. There is always something to be grateful for and it is not only about saying it or writing it (although that’s a good start) but feeling it from the depth of your being. When you feel that deep gratitude, that’s the energy that the universe responds to by bringing to us spectacular abundance.

september 2019, monthly tarot

This is especially true for this month where a downturn in finances is expected. The Wheel says, it shall pass, you just need to tide it over but the Pentacle cards suggest that you can make it easier or even circumvent it by starting on a gratitude exercise right away.

The other message from the fives is to observe how you are when the chips are down – Do you withdraw? Do you get defensive? Do you get angry or irritable? These are just indicators that tell you how you are feeling. Once you acknowledge how you feel you can see the signs for what they are and you can manage them with ease.

Remember to reach out to people because help is within reach. Don’t let your ego get in the way of receiving help and support. Ask for help and accept what comes your way.

This is the life lessons and learning section so if you don’t learn the first time, it will come back over and over again until you do. If you are hesitant to ask – there is your learning, if you find it difficult to receive – there is your lesson. If you receive but feel small while doing so then the lesson is not learned. The learning here is to not only be comfortable in asking for help but doing so with grace and gratitude, without putting yourself down in any way.

What are the opportunities?

The ups and downs are brilliant opportunities to maintain a healthy balance between work and rest. The time to rest is also a good time to track progress and to change track if needed. When you pull back from the thick of things you may be able to see what needs to change. When you rest there is an opportunity to think new thoughts and birth new ideas, creativity needs quiet and nurturance. You may find yourself abed with a cold but that is just an opportunity for you to take that downtime to come back with a bang.

september 2019, tarot reading

It is also a good time to celebrate where you have reached. The importance of celebrating milestones cannot be stressed enough. It gives us a sense of achievement and rejuvenates us and others as well. While we are celebrating it gives us a chance to tell others about our progress and achievement as well. It may sound a bit like tooting your own horn but sometimes that is the very thing that is required. At work, it can be a team celebration for hitting a particular milestone and that can attract the attention of seniors or other departments. It is all about perspective and a reason for celebration is success and that’s how it will be perceived.

What are the challenges?

There seem to be challenges aplenty this month so keep in mind that the Wheel will turn while you face these. The Tower card represents a crumbling of false foundations and that is the key point here – it is a false foundation and the sooner it crumbles, the better it is. Imagine a ten-story building crumbling versus a single-story one. It may be that someone or something you were relying on will not come through for you and devastating as it may be, recognise that the sooner this is out in the open the better it is for you.

the tower tarot, september 2019 tarot reading

The challenge will be your mind which will go through all possible scenarios and wonder at the should-haves and could-haves. The reality is that things unfold as they are meant to and even if you had done something different the end result would have been the same. There are ups and downs predicted in the reading but we all know that some people will focus on just the downs and some on just the ups. Keep your mind upbeat not in a false positive sort of way but in knowing that the value of daylight comes at sunset and that the night also brings with it a multitude of gifts.

What is the advice?

Two beautiful cards come with some wonderful advice for the month. The Page of Pentacles comes with the message of new beginnings, new ideas and inspiration and the Knight of Cups with a message of listening to your intuition and moving forward towards what your heart wants.

september 2019 tarot reading

Take time to do both of these this month. There may be an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and do something different – it could be work or it could be a hobby – and see where this takes you. It may mean the learning of new skill or exploring a hidden talent. The Page urges you to try something new and feel the excitement of the newness and the opening up of possibilities. The Knight complements the Page by asking you to chase your dreams instead of always doing something practical. To listen to what the heart yearns for and to take action instead of just thinking about it.

Open up to the idea that your interest or hobby or passion can be something more. It may have been okay for it to be at a passion level until now but listen to the calling, from the universe to turn this into something else. There is no hurry to get to the finish line yet but there is a need to start a project or give life to an idea. If you don’t take any action then the dream remains a dream and you want to make your dreams real, right?

In summary, expect some ups and downs this month and be sure to celebrate the ups when they happen. The downs will pass quickly enough so don’t stress too much and keep a lookout for the blessings that come along with tough times. Use the downtime to explore new creative opportunities and maybe even up your talents and skills. Remember to go with your gut and listen to what your heart wants.

Much love and have a wonderful September.

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