The four of pentacles usually implies that you are holding on to something – it could be people, possessions, situations or past issues. It can be hoarding money or possessions and in the context of work it could mean that you need to spend some money in order to earn some money. If there is a project that requires some funding and you are feeling doubtful then relook at the situation and understand that sometimes you just need to spend, not just to earn but sometimes even to maintain.

four 4 of pentacles, tarot reading

Even in the home, if something need to be got in or fixed and you are feeling that it is unnecessary expenditure then just look into it again. Weigh the pros and cons of fixing that old machine and maybe having a little more time with it versus just getting a new one (which may turn out to be a wiser investment in the future)

Same goes for relationships and a high degree of possessiveness. can really be detrimental to a happy relationship. This is not just romantic relationships but also family and friends and this feeling of possessiveness can come up at the most unexpected places. The card says watch out for it and don’t give into it.

 The four can also be about respecting boundaries and isolation. Healthy boundaries let some people go in and out with ease and others it keeps out. Sometimes boundaries don’t just keep people out – they keep you in as well. If your boundaries are keeping too many people out or you are feeling isolated then maybe relook at your boundary setting and fix it accordingly.

There is a need for some openness today. Of an unclenching of fists, and opening of the arms, and a release of breath. See if you want to do all three like an exercise and let me know how the day goes for you.

Much love.

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