Binah is the flow of light that pours into the world, a candle whose flame can light another without diminishing its own. Binah is akin to shakti – it is the fire that animates, gives birth to, creates. Without Shakti, Shiva is inanimate and when the two are united, life is created.

Binah angel message, angelarium

The third eye chakra is where shiva and shakti meet. Shiva is about consciousness and contemplation and Shakti is about the material. Binah is intuitive understanding but not just understanding for the sake of wisdom but understanding with a purpose. She is the pure point of light that hits the mirror, increasing and multiplying it in infinitesimal ways. This is known as davar mitoch davar – understanding one idea from another idea

Her message today is to understand that understanding must be with a purpose. You can understand a concept but what you do with it is really important. When we understand something but leave it at a mental level, that is at the Shiva level, at an inanimate level (which is not to say it isn’t important) bu to give it life, to create more ideas from an idea, is when Shakti comes into the picture and that is when creation happens.

This may seem esoteric so here’s a simple example here. If I understand that plastic is bad for the environment but continue to use plastic then it is at a mental-understanding level. Only when I start carrying my own bags and say no to using plastic does it become purposeful understanding.

Binah is asking you to figure out the things that you understand at the concept level but haven’t taken them forward to the action level and maybe it is time to take that purposeful action. This may be about an earth-nature- environment – maybe think about what you already know and what action would be possible to take. Or it could be something about yourself – that which you understand about yourself but haven’t yet taken the purposeful step.

It could also be about life purpose. You may have a vague idea of what your life purpose is and may not have put it in language and it is time to do it. Life purpose is an evolving thing and it doesn’t have to be the same as what it was, all your life. It may be something that you could revisit now and understand if it still fits with who you are today. Whatever it is for you remember to not leave it at the mind level and make it purposeful.

Enjoy an introspective day <3.


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