Seasons of the heart.

All things in the universe are follow their own cycles and rhythms, day follows night and the seasons change with regularity. We know this and we prepare accordingly, knowing that the warmies need to be out before the winter months. For some reason when these cycles and rhythms play out in our personal lives we are taken aback and we resist them, causing ourselves distress. The same goes for relationships as well – there are times of bloom and there are times of fallow and each season brings with it its own gifts.

seasons of the heart, toni salerno, wisdom of the golden path

Today’s message is to pay attention to this rhythm in your life, to be aware of the the ups and downs in life and in relationships, to understand which season is playing out right now for you and to know that this too will change with time.

We may want the good times to last forever but they can’t, because after a while even if nothing changes, they will cease to be good. We may want the rosy glow of new love to stay but it gets replaced by deep intimacy – and that is the gift of change.

If you are going through not-so-good times, just wait, this too shall pass. If your relationship feels like it’s changing, give it time to evolve to something different. Understand that resistance causes chaos and upheaval. If you have that energy around you, figure out what you are resisting and why. Because it’s just the changing season.

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