Something new.

The Ace of Pentacles heralds something new coming your way. Usually the pentacles relate to work and finances but it can also mean a new relationship or a new home. The Ace represents a seed that is planted so it may be a new idea that you can set into motion now or a house that you’ve just seen that will soon become your future home. The seed of productivity has been planted but how the seed grows – if it even grows or not – is entirely up to you.

A seemingly innocuous conversation could trigger an idea today, don’t ignore it as it may have possibilities. A new opportunity may come knocking at your door today, let it in. Someone may reach out to you as a start of a new friendship, explore it. You may choose to do nothing about it at a later date but for today, let it in and let it simmer for a while before making any decisions.

There is possibility of a promotion or increment coming your way today or just some money hitting the bank. If you were already thinking about a new career move, then today is a good day to flesh out the plan. If there is a seed of an idea in your mind or if you are in two minds about something then this is a big yes from the universe.

Overall the energy for today feels light and positive. Feels like a good time to go forth and do something productive today.

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