Today’s card is a reminder to acknowledge the deep and varied friendships you have known. Friends you may have known for many seasons or just for brief time, those whose paths have crossed yours over and over again, those who have held you when you have needed it the most, those you have partied with, those you have lost touch with, some who started out as family and became friends. Each one is important in their own way and the way they came and maybe the way they left – it was always meant to be that way.

my dear friend, oracle of mystical moments

There is something so warm and soothing about a good friendship, of knowing that someone has your back, that you can lean on that someone without even asking. Then there is the laughter and the tears, of time and life experiences that only the two of you have shared, that makes the relationship so alive.

If you are blessed with some amazing friendships then do reach out and let them know. And don’t be afraid to lean on them – that’s what they are there for.

Our friends are often a reflection of our parents and there is a similarity in the patterns of friendship with that of our parents. If you have a friend (or two) who happen to push your buttons, pattern out the behaviour you object to and correlate it to the push and pull you feel with one of your parents. You may find solace in understanding that the trigger is yours and not something that the friend is doing deliberately and your friendship will thank you for it. It is literally true that friends are family we choose because we subconsciously seek those traits in our friends. When disappointments happen in friendships we also re-create the same patterns with them as with our parents. And we know that our parents know how to push our buttons – because they put them there! Jokes aside, just looking at our friendships with awareness can go a long way in ironing out some stress points.

Having a true and deep friendship is one of the most precious gifts on earth, do whatever you must to nurture it.

Have a blessed day <3.

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