There may be a wondering at the back of your mind, something that comes up every once in a while that gets dismissed by you or something else takes precedence. Maybe you have not been able to articulate the question or maybe you even sought answers but didn’t really get anywhere. There is a time for knowing and that time has come today. And with all such things, it will happen in a most innocuous setting (shower epiphanies are just so awesome) so you don’t have to do anything nor worry that it will pass you by.

A blessing for clarity lucy cavendish

Sometimes people give us advice and sound as it may be, unless you feel that knowing within, it really doesn’t do any good. We have collections of ideas given to us by our parents, friends, school, and we see the world through their filters. May there be a shedding of ideas and beliefs that don’t belong to you so you can see your answers clearly.

This blessing comes from within – for you to know your true north and to follow your purpose. The path is not always a straight line, it follows many twists and turns, often it circles back to where we started. The thing to remember is that even though it’s ground zero, you are not. You have learnt and have grown so even though it may seem like you’ve been here before, you have much better tools in your arsenal and it won’t be the same.

In the twists and turns of the path, you may need to do certain things to get to your true calling. Sometimes you need to do X to get to Y – it doesn’t mean that X is your path, it is just a stepping stone in your path. Call it some practical examinations that you need to clear so that you can get to the next grade. Don’t get lost in them though and keep the end goal in mind even as you meander your way forward. There is much to gain with this meandering and it is necessary for the next part of your journey.

Blessed be.

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