Lost in your own equations.

We often weigh our lives on the basis of expectations – our own expectations and sometimes others. We weigh ourselves too and many a time come up short. And then we wait – for this to happen or that to happen so we can take the next step. We wait for us to be ready, to accumulate enough knowledge or experience, wait for things to be right, for things to change. This kind of control is not possible to sustain in life.

Lost in your own equations, Toni carmine salerno

For projects, follow the 80-20 rule and if you are 80% there then just go ahead with whatever you are waiting to do because nobody is ever 100% ready. By waiting and by overthinking it you might just miss the boat.

For life, get out of your thoughts and do it now, without waiting another minute. Don’t wait for something to be happy, don’t wait to lose weight to wear that dress or to have more money to take that trip. You can think of some creative ways to work things out if you want but just don’t get lost in your head.

You can be waiting for the universe to set things in a particular manner but what if the universe is waiting for you? You may be waiting for the right moment but what if the right moment can happen only after you take the first step.

Step out of your head and into life today ❤️.

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