August 2019

At the heels of a particularly difficult Mercury retrograde, August comes to us with a promise of completion and of renewal after a completion. There may be a situation or even a relationship which has been dragging on for far too long, maybe it’s an on-again-off-again project which seems to be heading nowhere, maybe it’s something you have been working on for a while now but you really can’t see how it will ever get sorted. August will bring things to a conclusion one way or another. There are some doors which will be permanently closed for us. But you know the best thing about closed doors right? Some new ones start opening!

moonology deck yasmin boland

Endings are not easy, even when we want them, even when they are good for us, so go easy on yourself and allow events to unfold as they may. You may be tempted to intervene but that will only cause you more distress. It may help you to remember that your soul decided this course of action, at this point in time, for you to learn and grow and evolve. If you’re letting go of somebody or something, know that it is the right thing to do, as hard as it might be. A practice of forgiveness may help you during this time – Ho’oponopono can be a wonderful practice to follow. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you absolve the person of all wrongdoing, it just releases you so that you can move on. True forgiveness is only with our own selves. We often can’t forgive the other because we are unable to forgive ourselves for being in that situation. The essence of forgiveness is to forgive the self so that we can move on.

The Balsamic Moon is a time for healing and to try to move on without healing having taken place is to hobble forward. This is not the time to just put a band-aid on the wound but to maybe take it to an expert. Whatever it is that comes up for you with the end of the last cycle needs more than a slap-dash, so don’t ignore it. Time is the biggest healer provided you acknowledge that something needs to be seen, needs to be healed. Give yourself the time and space and put your energy into you and the moving forward will be easy.

If the ending was a relationship – need not be a romantic one, could even be a colleague or boss – then know that your time with each other is at an end. There is nothing more to be learned, there is no more growth to be had. Think of yourself as a vessel that has been filled to the brim. There have been many wonderful experiences but now there are not-so-great experiences which have taken over. It is time to let go before the vessel becomes more negative than positive.

quan yin oracle, alana fairchild

This experience has helped you grow and become and the direction of your life is going to go through subtle realignments. You may want to make certain adjustments to suit the new you. These may be lifestyle changes or changes in food or exercise patterns. Evaluate what is working for you and what is not and make modifications where required. You may want to detox spiritually or physically and you may experience some body aches or tiredness as you align to this new energy. Don’t struggle through it, just rest it out. You may also find that you are attracting different kind of people into your sphere. As your energy changes, there is more light inside you and this attracts others to your light. These are good changes but it is always advisable to keep your boundaries in place so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

You may be tempted to go off on your own to do some soul searching or may just want to cocoon yourself at this time. There is a time and place for both, however, at this time the cards offer the guidance to not choose the hermit’s path but to allow the company of others. Group energy is really powerful and can be a powerful source of upliftment and expansion. Try a workshop or even a healing circle. Balance the me-time with group time if you can.

The first week of August is the first few days after the retrograde and you will feel the shift in energy right away. The days will feel lighter and brighter and you will feel more energetic than before. The sun represents the solar plexus chakra which is the seat of our power. The sun reminds us that we are more powerful than we think and urges us to claim our personal power. It is a reminder that will serve you at work and at personal relationships as well. You can physically tighten your core when you feel that you need it and feel that burst of power within. There is potential for receiving some recognition, maybe even with a financial component.

page of cups, the sun tarot

Along with personal power is need to keep yourself grounded. The cards urge you to remain compassionate even while you stand your ground. If you receive some awards or accolades, remain down-to-earth and resist the temptation to gloat. Just remain kind to others around you even while you celebrate your success.

In the second week, a new idea or opportunity will find its way to you. Open yourself to all possibilities especially if it is a creative project or has something to do with developing your intuition. This may be a time for you to explore your creative-intuitive side as well, maybe you would like to attend a creative workshop and see where that takes you. This week pay attention to your feelings and see what you feel like doing versus what you think you should do. Keep your eye out for signs and synchronicities from the universe this week and pay attention to the messages you receive. Repeated numbers, birds and animals, feathers and shells are all messages to heed from the universe.

two of swords tarot, the heirophant

The third week has the potential for a communication mishap. You may find yourself jumping into conflict impulsively, only to realise later that it wasn’t even your fight. We all do this out of loyalty to a friend or a loved one. We take offence on their behalf and jump in to defend them. This is a watch out from the cards, neither party will thank you for your interference in this matter so look before you leap into the fray. If you feel the urge and are aware of it, you may want to introspect upon it.

In the last week of August, you may face a challenging decision and you will find yourself at a loss about which way to go. Both possibilities may seem equally good or equally bad and you may feel blindsided by them. The advice from the cards is to get more information on either option and to not rush into making an immediate decision. Also, remember that things are not always what they appear to be and sometimes a little distance can give us the perspective we need. Take your time and gather the facts before you decide.

In summary, there will be an ending or completion of sorts in August. This completion has been a long time coming and it is for the greater good of all concerned. Take time to grieve for what is lost, and acknowledge its contribution to your life but also be aware of the possibilities that have opened up for you now. With this end, there will be some realignment and restructuring of your life and also within. Be kind to yourself as you go through this process of change and growth.

Much love.

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