Divine timing.

Maybe you feel that you are not ready. Maybe you feel that this may not be the right time. Maybe you feel that others can do it so much better than you. Quan Yin comes with the message that this is the right time and you are more than ready to share your gift with the world. Don’t compare yourself with others, they have different gifts to offer. Yours is unique and the world will be poorer if you withhold what you have to offer.

The lotus throne, quan Yin oracle alana fairchild

If you feel unready you may want to consider deepening your knowledge and understanding, or you may want to consider practicing your skills but this is more about polishing it up rather than waiting to be ready.

If you are already sharing your knowledge then this is a call to look at expansion. To maybe scale up from where you are and here the polishing will serve you well.

The message is to stop holding yourself back for whatever reason you give yourself. It is time for you to shine. To come into your power and potential. Don’t deny yourself and don’t deny the world of yourself.

Have an awesome day πŸ’•


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