The chariot.

When the chariot appears in a reading, it is time to forge ahead, with an idea, a project or even a move. The chariot demands action, now is not the time to let things happen but the time to make things happen, to get to the next milestone in the journey.

The chariot does not promise smooth sailing, so there may be obstacles, there may be many nay-sayers to this path you are on, but the chariot does promise success of a spectacular nature. This is the card of beating the odds, of persevering, of conquering mountains, this is the card for challenges but will success at the end of it. If you are the kind of person who thrives on challenges then this is day it opens up for you. There is an invitation in the energy of this card today, a choice that you get to make, and it’s okay to choose this path and it’s ok to not.

The card has a black bull and a white bull, both pulling in opposite directions, and the charioteer is steering them in the direction she wants to go. The black and white represent opposites – our thoughts and our emotions, work and home, two different ideas. The message from the chariot is that both are important to complete this journey but must be reined in by the charioteer. You need to keep your focus on the goal and even as you take into account the disparate ideas and emotions, make them work towards your final goal. Manifestation happens when the heart and mind come into alignment. Maybe two different ideas can converge to make a awesome third one. You are the charioteer and you get to steer.

It’s time to tune into your sense of purpose, today or over then next few days. To have a idea of the direction you want to take. To make a decision to move forward. All these have to be done before you embark on the journey. The journey itself may take many moons, start with a single step today <3.

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