Conscious creation.

In one way on another we are all creative. In some way or another we create – things, experiences, even using our imagination is being creative, is creating something. Whatever you can imagine you can create.

Right now you may be doing this subconsciously – you may be doodling when you are bored in a meeting or you like to arrange the food in your plate just so – but what if you start doing what you are doing anyway with awareness. What if you can harness this beautiful creative energy that runs through you? (and know that this runs through you, you don’t create this energy, it flows through you, all you need to do is harness it).

Once upon a midnight dreary, Lucy Cavendish, oracle card

Use your imagination to create wonder and beauty in your life. Be conscious when you are doodling. Be delighted with the serving plate. Think about what you dream about and just take some crayons and draw ( not draw that particular thing, just draw). Maybe you want to let go of something – state your intent and colour. You may find yourself drawing confused lines or making deep gouges on the paper initially and that’s brilliant because what needs to come out cannot be expressed in any other way. This could be confusion and doubt coming out before you can get to the creation of something.

Try the drawing today and see how it is for you. Have a lovely day.

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