It is said that you have three faces. One you show to the world. The second you show to family and friends. The third is the one you reveal only to yourself.

Each face is as important as the other and they all interact and influence each other. You get to decide which face you want to present to the world and which face you want to reveal to friends and family. This is not about faking it or presenting a false front. It is just how you choose to present yourself. There are different aspects to you and some are more in the forefront with world at large and others are more suited to close friends and family.

If there is judgement towards yourself or towards others about these differences, drop them, because it is not possible to be exactly the same to everyone. Even in astrology, there is your sun sign and then there is the sign which is in ascendant in your chart. The ascendant sign is the face you present to the world. This is why people seem a little different once you get to know them better. Sometimes the difference works and sometimes not. It doesn’t mean that the person was faking it or was telling a lie – it’s just that person’s other face.

The last face is the one that you must fall in love with. That’s the face which only you know, only you can see. We often have the most judgements about this face and yet this is the face that we were born to love. Look at this face in all its glory, in all its aspects, lay it out out bare – good, bad, ugly – and promise yourself to love it, through think and thin (literally and figuratively). This is your most important face and you are the only one that gets to judge it.

Today you may find yourself confronted with the three faces. Keep this message in mind to navigate the day with ease.

Many blessings for a relaxed weekend ❤️.

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